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Saban's Eagle Riders



Saban brought us "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers".  Power Rangers was inspired by a live-action series in Japan (as soon as I can find the name again I will put it here), which was in turn inspired by.....Gatchaman.  So it is fitting that Saban bought the rights for Gatch II and Fighter and combined them into Saban's Eagle Riders.  It aired in 1996 and 1997 in the United States.  It's positive were that it followed the original storylines more, with allusions to events from the first series, and had no added American animation.  Some negatives were that it again cut some violent scenes and the Galactor were changed to androids instead of humans (again to protect all the little children).  


I've got almost all of these taped off of Fox.  The animation is brighter and the men are suddenly more muscular, but it is still quite enjoyable to watch.  I keep shouting at the TV "They're not android!" though.


Eagle Rider Name Changes:


Ken - Hunter Harris (voiced by Richard Cansino)

Joe - Joe Thax (voiced by Bryan Cranston)

Jun - Kelly Jenar (voiced by Heidi Lenhart)

Jinpei - Mickey Dugan (voiced by Mona Marshall)

Ryu - Ollie Keeawani (voiced by Paul Shrier II)

Dr. Nambu - Dr. Thadeus Keane (voiced by Greg O'Neill)

Sosai X - Cybercon (voiced by Peter Spellos)

GelSadora - Mallanox (voiced by R. Martin Klein)

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