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G-Force, Guardians of Space



Turner Broadcasting re-did the first series as G-Force, Guardians of Space.  It was shown on Cartoon Network in the 1990's (please, oh please, bring it back on Toonami).  There was no 7-Zark-7, and less scenes cut (equaling more violence, but also more faithfulness to original storyline).  The voice acting was not the best (but no Casey Kasem either), and the names were stupid.  Most fans seem to agree it's the most acceptable translation to date.


G-Force Name Changes:


Ken - Ace  Goodheart (voiced by Sam Fontana)

Joe - Dirk Daring (voiced by Jimmy Flinders)

Jun - Agatha June (voiced by Barbara Goodson)

Jinpei - PeeWee (voiced by Barbara Goodson)

Ryu - Hoot Owl (voiced by Jan Rabson/Gregg Berger)

Dr. Nambu - Dr. Benjamin Brighthead (voiced by Jan Rabson)

Sosai X - Computor (voiced by Jan Rabson/Gregg Berger)

Berg Katse - Galactor (voiced by Bill Copizzi)

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