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Gatchaman '94



Released in the United States in 1997, this version of Gatchaman is straight from Japan, either with English subtitles or dubbing.  The three tapes are updated storylines for the original series.


Gatchaman vs. The Turtle King - a retelling of the first episode
Secret Red Impulse - remake of the first appearance of Red Impulse
Final Countdown - series finale, redone in all its operatic glory


These OAV's are animated with a sharper, more angular style.  The characters hardly look like their former selves without their bird suits.  It's kind of like the grown-up version of Gatchaman.  I enjoy all things Gatchaman, and so I find it just as appealing, but I have found that others do not feel the same way.  My suggestion is to check them out and judge for yourself.


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